So you are interested in a job with us?

Buckle up for awesome.

In 2018, we had 1703 people apply to work with us. We hired less than 1% of them.
This is not a job for those who aren’t ready to commit, and give their all for the kids we serve.

You should know a few things before you apply: We love kids here. We put their safety and well-being (physically and emotionally) above all else. We laugh, at ourselves especially. We make mistakes. We own our mistakes. We always tell the truth. We don’t take things that aren’t ours. We stand by our word. We inspire others. We respect ourselves, and our teammates. We don’t gossip behind people’s backs. We sing in the shower. We don’t call in sick because we stayed up drinking too much the night before (…In fact, we don’t stay up drinking too much the night before work in the first place). We show up on time. We show up excited and ready to be awesome. When face with challenges, we find solutions together. We pick up our trash. We always tell our moms we love them on Mother’s Day. We share. We put our shopping carts back in the parking lot. We say ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m Sorry’. We look people in the eye when we say those things. We change kids lives on a daily basis.

We are Birons. Our opportunities are Epic.

Those who don’t agree with the above, need not apply.